Tash has made lessons fun and enjoyable. I have always had a negative feeling towards English however Tash was able to change that.

Ever since I have started with her my English has been improving drastically and I am much more motivated to learn and thrive. She was able to unlock a creative aspect in me. Now I love English, I hope to improve even further and develop my skills. 

If I had not met Tash I would have not been able to get accepted into Dulwich College. I am so grateful as she has not stopped her inspirational teachings even though in the beginning I was frustrated and not willing to continue.

Leo - Y6/7

Tash has always supported and been there for me since the beginning. 

We always had so much fun during our lessons and she always knew how to get me interested in what we were learning. I would definitely rate her teaching ten out if ten.

Liam - Y5

Our eldest son was in Year 5 when we started working with Tash. We had struggled to find a good and fun English tutor. Tash had been recommended by a good friend and teacher and from the first moment she meet my son it just clicked. My son was looking forward to his Saturday morning English tutoring. She was always punctual, dynamic and very well prepared. Each lesson was tailored to my son's needs and she was always very reactive to change the lesson if my son was less engaged or losing focus.

She then also started tutoring my 2nd boy a year later and he has also been very happy and stimulated in his lessons.

She also offered me precious advice to help me choose the right school for my boys and comfort during the stressful exam periods.

We worked for over 2 years with Tash and can only recommend her.

Christine (parent)

Tash tutored my son (Yr 6) one on one for 4 months working towards his 11+ exams. Tash is exceptionally reliable and hard-working - I was very impressed by how much thought went into the practice papers that my son was doing and how carefully planned all of the sessions were. My son found Tash to be really helpful with his maths and reasoning and thought she was a good tutor that he got on well with. I liked the fact that there would regularly be laughter coming from the room. He felt that he could tell Tash when he didn't understand something and we both felt that she is very approachable and willing to listen. My son finished his tutoring a lot more confident and able in maths.

Thank you so much for all of your help and support!

Katrine (parent)

I think you were really helpful and it was really fun you were never afraid to tell me if I was going wrong and you really helped me in my maths and non-VR.

thank you Tash

from Alec

Katrine (parent) and Alec

Teatime Tutors has been wonderful for Jasmine. Thank you. From the first time Ispoke to Tash I knew I was in safe hands. She was reassuring and made it clearimmediately how she could help Jasmine and, as time went on, that help andsupport never faulted.

Over the weeks and months I saw Jasmine's confidence grow and going to TTT was always fun - something Jasmine looked forward to every week. The tutoring (in agroup of four) helped Jasmine consolidate lessons she's done at school andallowed her to ask more questions than she probably would have asked in class.She was also taught some things not already covered at school. The rhythm ofone week English and one week Maths worked brilliantly. The homework was alwaysrelevant and again helped me see how she was progressing. Every week Tashtalked me through what she'd done that session, where Jasmine had flown andwhere she'd needed extra help. I found this extremely useful.

As Jasmine neared the senior school entrance exams Tash helped us with ourchoices of schools. She did this in a very reassuring way and was consistentwith the advice we'd received from school. This was very much appreciated.

Overall I am delighted with TTT and would highly recommend Tash and TTT.

Thank you Tash. You are a star!

Hilary - parent

TTT is a fun way of tutoring and I really enjoyed it. I would never haveunderstood percentages without Tash! Thank you. - from Jasmine

Hilary (parent) and Jasmine