My Daughter Chloe initially started with Tash in January 2017 to build her confidence in Maths and English. As the year progressed Chloe asked if she could continue in the lead up to her 11+ exams which we agreed as we saw a noticeable difference in her school work and she looked forward to her lesson with Tash every week in a relaxed, happy environment. I would thoroughly recommend TTT for that extra little ‘magic’ that may be needed in such a competitive exam process!

Lisa (parent) and Chloe 11+

My son George first met Tash in the August after Year 5, totally lacking in confidence ahead of Year 6 pre tests for 13+ school entry. His Maths was OK but there were huge gaps in his knowledge, his English was weak. She took him right back to basics, filling key gaps with Maths and teaching him to apply important principles to more and more complex problems. With English she taught him the fundamentals of how to approach comprehensions, giving him increasingly challenging texts as time went on and with essay writing she taught him how to structure different genres of writing from all kinds of angles. The materials she prepares are so thorough, professional and beautifully laid out. She leaves no stone unturned, even covering the different formats of answer sheet the children may encounter in VR exams. And she is discreetly giving them interview practice all the time. George only met Tash twice in the summer, twice at half term and attended her brilliant group sessions every Monday night for one term. His confidence improved so much and he thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The group setting with a few 1:1s suited him very well indeed. Tash is nothing short of brilliant, a very talented practitioner, diagnosing early on exactly what needs to be done. George got an offer from his first choice of school, which would have been unthinkable just 6 months ago.


Tash helped me improve my Maths and English, she taught me PEE, point, evidence, explain in my comprehensions.  I enjoyed the group lessons very much and the way she taught me.  Tash is so nice and very good at teaching.
George Y6

Mirjana (parent) and George

 I really liked Teatime Tutors because it was so much fun and I am so much more confident about writing stories than I was before I started.
From Freddie

 Teatime Tutors was a ideal solution for us. Tash bonds immediately with the children in a way which helps them to forget any worries about their ability and understand that she is on their side. The combination of work in the sessions and tailored homework allowed Freddie to focus on the areas where he needed most help, and he came home with his homework done, fed and ready for bed. Perfect!
From Selina

Selina (parent) and Freddie

Meeting Tash was a welcomed breath of fresh air in the sometimesconvoluted world of tutoring!

I immediately felt at ease and that my son’s education was finallyin safe hands.

Fun classes with meal times spent in discussion and dotted with funnyanecdotes my son bounced out of the sessions energised and full ofconversation. Tash's experience is CV worthy and her motivationand dedication shown by in depth summaries of the lessons events atpick up. Teatime tutors is of course a truly apt name: as if we areto compare an average school day to a plain bun Tash is verymuch the educational icing and proud top cherry on a very yummytutoring teatime cake!
Rox (parent)

Not only was it a great way of becoming more academic but it was also a great way to become morefamiliar with the exam process. In my opinion whilst learningwith you I became passionate and confident with English e.g. story writing,comprehensions and etc. I think it's a great to also make friendships with studentsin the same situation furthermore you also learn to establish your fullpotential and that was what it was like at Teatime Tutors.

Rox (parent) and Cays

Tash really helped our son develop confidence in himself to be able to write stories. She also gave him a great understanding of how to deal with verbal and non-verbal reasoning questions. He very much enjoyed all his group tutor sessions and looked forward to them each week which made it a lot easier to encourage him to do work outside school. We also asked Tash to coach our daughter for entrance at 11+ including Common Entrance. Tash was very good at encouraging our daughter where she was reluctant to push herself and made her think more before replying to questions. Our daughter loved coming along to the classes and will definitely miss them.

Dear Tash,

(I would give you 100000000000000000000000/10 for your teaching!)

You helped me pass through Common Entrance and my Entrance exam, I'm now into my favourite school. I would recommend you to anyone wanting to pass major exams.

From Clara

Annie R - parent and Clara