We would like to reiterate our great appreciation for your supporting Motoko and providing us invaluable advice throughout. 

Thank you again and best regards,

Tomomi and Shuichi and Motoko

Georgie so enjoys going to Teatime tutors and it's really given her the bit of confidence she needs for her school lessons! Tash is brilliant and makes it lots of fun too :)

GT – year 4

I highly recommend Tash and all the Teatime tutors team. It is a brilliant concept teaching in a relaxed after school environment away from home. 

Our daughter really enjoyed the sessions and benefitted enormously from her two terms with Tash. She was so encouraging and enthusiastic and we would have continued for longer had we not moved house. It would be great if she could open up a Teatime tutors near to where we live now. We miss it very much.

 From Katinka:- 

I really liked working with Tash, she helped me a lot and it was always fun.

KP – Year 4

We were very impressed with the quality of both tutoring and advice that Tabitha received at Teatime tutors. She really enjoyed each week and the carefully designed homework built on the skills she developed at each lesson. The provision of delicious food helped Tabitha to concentrate and allowed social time with the other children. It was clear that Tabitha developed self confidence through the individualised approach and I would not hesitate to recommend it to other parents. 

Tabitha " I really loved Teatime tutors and it me so much more confident about maths and English. I miss my friends and spending time with Tash"

TE year 4

"We used Tea Time Tutors initially to help increase our eldest daughter's confidence in the area of Maths and English. The results were very evident - not only did our daughter become confident enough to complete her homework on her own but the speed in which she completed it and the accuracy of it were so much better. Tea Time Tudors then prepared our daughter for her 9+ making sure she was academically at the right level and also understood what would be expected of her at the exam stage." 

"My daughter looked forward to the weekly session and benefited hugely from the nurturing and kind manner in which they were taught."

S.S year 4